My Secret To The Smoothest Legs

If you’re anything like me then you absolutely hate when you feel your tiny hairs popping up through your skin after you just shaved! Does anyone else get annoyed by that? LOL. I mean you just shave and a day later it feels like you haven’t shaved in days!

Well my friends I am going to let you in on a little secret! I have seen ads all over social media about the Billie Razor! I’m going to be 100% honest with you! I thought there is absolutely no way this razor can be the best on the market. I was convinced that it was just a bunch of people all over social media raving about this razor to influence people to buy it! Welp…… after reading a bunch of reviews and its adorable packing I was influenced and finally gave in to give it a try!

The Billie Razor

The Billie Razor is an online subscription. You can choose between one to three months depending on how often you shave! The $9 dollars starter kit includes the Billie handle, magnetic holder, and two 5-blade cartridges. Going forward you will be charged $9 dollars for replacement blades depending on how often you decided to get them. I decided to do the 3-month subscription so I get charged the $9 dollars every 3 months. Billie offers a variety of colors to choose from! To be honest I have a few of them to keep in my shower and travel bag!

Every 3-months I receive 5 sharp blades (made in America) which are nickel and rust-free. The blades offer charcoal shave soap to create a pillow between the blades and your body.

Billie Add Ons

I always like to add on to my order every now and then! Billie offers a variety of other products that are amazing. My top favorites and their shaving cream and travel case. First up is their shaving cream which is my absolute favorite! It smells amazing and gives you the smoothest shave EVER!!!! I have never felt my legs so smooth before in my life! The Billie shaving cream is a rich mixture in shea butter and olive oil. They also infused it with aloe to help soothe the skin.

My second favorite is their travel case which makes packing up your razor easier than ever! You get to choose from a variety of colors. I have one for all my razors. Not only does it help protect your razor but it also helps protect you from getting cut while traveling.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. This is by far my favorite razor on the market! I know you have seen it all over social media but I promise y’all I would not share a product with you that I didn’t like myself! Do your legs a favor and give this razor a try. You will thank me later 🙂

xoxo, Ashley

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